263 Piece Kit

Individually labeled and packaged.

Anti-Sieze and Locktite Included!

M6 Copper Sealing Washers Included!

HHB Engine Building Tips and Tricks Sheet – Included!



After doing the Ebay thing, and getting mismatched or missing hardware, traveling to and from the hardware store, etc…  We started building our own kits.  Who better to build a full kit than the folks who have built these engines for ~10 years!

The most complete kit on the market, our Stainless Engine Hardware Kit is *263 Pieces!

We include all the same hardware we’ve been using on our builds for years, and best of all, we’ll be including a nice little “Tips an Tricks from HHB” sheet in in each box!  That’s right, it’s like hanging in the shop with us while you build your engine.

We even have you covered on Locktite an Anti-Sieze where it applies, with little cheat sheets and all…

Copper Sealing Washers for the right hand case cover?  Yep, got ya covered!  Even a few extras in case you have to service the clutch in the future…

Kits Include Stainless Hardware for:

  • Camchain Tensioner
  • Left Side Crankcase Cover
  • Right Side Crankcase Cover
  • Oil Filter Cover
  • Valve Covers
  • Breather (Late and Early Style Included)
  • Cam Cover
  • Cylinder Head
  • Intake Manifold
  • Sump Plate
  • Upper Case Bolts
  • Starter Cover
  • Lower Case Nuts

*Does NOT Include the large M10 Cylinder Head Nuts – we reuse the OEM Nuts when possible as they are higher quality than alot of aftermarket ones.

*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

XS650 Stainless Engine Hardware Kit


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