Custom Cut from 1018 Steel

Over 1lb Lighter than OEM Neck Gusset

Clean and Simple Design

Includes 2 Window Gussets and 1 NEW Pre-Notched Crossover Tube



This XS650 Neck Brace Kit is inspired by Vintage BMX bikes – and I’m sure you know what I mean.

Shave over 1lb from your bike (hey, thats free HP!!) with our brand new HHB XS650 Neck Brace Kit – and stiffen up that front end while cleaning up the lines of your bike.

Cut from 1018 Steel, Designed for strength and weight savings here in house.  Made 100% in house by Hugh’s HandBuilt

There are plenty of reasons to cut the OEM neck gussets out of your XS650 frame – so we won’t go over that too deeply.  Just break out that tools, save some weight, and clean up that front end.


Each Kit Includes 2 Gussets and 1 New Pre-Notched Crossover Tube


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

XS650 Neck Gusset Kit – “Windowed”